Franco Bolli is a Dominant, and a Facebook friend.

This an account of his story with his submissive, Princess.

It is free, and available only through Smashwords.



April 2017.

I am proud to present the first volume of our story titled Princess and I, the early years.
You can download it for free on Smashwords. It is based on my blog. It is a very intimate and personal diary. 

September 6, 2011.

I’m 52 years old. Father of 2 daughters. 
Alone for too long.
I’m open for love, a special kind of love. Not searching actively though.

I have to attend a parent’s meeting at school. Every year we get the same explanation all over again.
I don’t feel like it and I don’t have to go.
It beats sitting at home alone though.
I’m early and head to the big hall where they serve drinks and grab a glass of cava.
Turning around I see this beautiful blonde woman. She looks gorgeous. 
The surroundings fade to black until, in my mind’s eye, she is the center of my universe. Until there is only her. She is standing in a golden spotlight.
She does not notice me.

I’m breathless, engulfed with emotions. Overwhelmed, paralyzed and speechless by the experience. My world flips over and then over again. Intuitively I know she is the one I have been searching for my whole life.

I walk up to her. It is something I have never dared to do before. 
I say hi and we chitchat. Her daughter is a classmate of my youngest one. 
Ten minutes later walk to the same class and I make sure I’m inside before she does. I sit down at a desk, she sits down next to me. 
Wow. Lucky me. 
I’m nervous and start fumbling in the desk before me. I pull out an agenda. To my big surprise I’m sitting at my daughter’s desk. With a smile I put a little note in it. Somehow the evening becomes even more magic.

Later that evening I gather all my courage and ask for her number. 
Another first one.
My throat is dry and my heart bounces like mad.
She smiles and writes her number down on a small piece of paper. 
Oh boy.

September 20, 2011.

We date for the first time and we enjoy a wonderful evening. 
She tells me about her situation, just to make sure I know what I’m signing up for. She has 5 kids. Her ex-husband committed suicide 7 months ago. Her eldest daughter suffers from a mental illness. 
The other kids all suffer from stress and other issues. The kids found their father shortly after his desperate act. 

The first months are difficult. She is not sure about what is happening. She does not feel ready to give herself. She breaks up with me a few times but every time I win her back. I fight for her because deep down I am convinced this is the best thing that ever happened. For her. For me. 
Somehow we make it.
She becomes my Princess and soon I feel and read her submissiveness.
Could it be true?
Have I found my Grail?
That very and unique Special One?

Gradually I make our lovemaking somewhat rougher. Her reactions are more than positive. She adores the hair pulling, the pinching and the occasional slap on her luscious behind.

August 15, 2012.

The town we visit is illuminated with a zillion tea lights. In a church we are awed by a huge chandelier with several dozen of burning candles.
This is the perfect moment to tell her what I have wanted to say for quite some weeks.
For a second I hesitate as I am not sure how she will react.
She beats me to it.
Princess grabs my hand, finds my eyes.
“How I would love to lay under that chandelier. Naked, tied and blindfolded. Not knowing when the next drop of hot wax will fall,” she whispers. 

Now I know, now I am sure. 
My heart explodes with happiness and sheer joy.
While our relation deepens we gradually grown into BDSM. 
My Princess turns out to be a perfect match. She loves what I love. We taste and enjoy the many flavors BDSM has to offer.
Her children oppose to our relationship. It is not personal. They just want to keep the family together.
Their disapproval makes our bond even stronger.

In November I start a blog, Princess and I. It is a very intimate diary mostly about our evolution as a couple in the world of BDSM. When relevant I write about other stuff too.

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