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Will she submit to the dark Viking with the scarred face who has abducted her and enslaved her people?


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I have always been fascinated by Vikings. Strong, sexy warriors, ruthless, dominant and determined – what’s not to like? It was only a matter of time before I wove a story around these fierce raiders who rampaged through Scotland and England for over three centuries, eventually settling and leaving their indelible mark on our history.

A Viking raid was indeed a ferocious affair. They relied on what would nowadays probably be termed ‘shock and awe’ swooping in from the sea on their fast dragon ships to attack with vicious and deadly effect. The Nordic raiders would be gone almost as swiftly as they arrived, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The modern equivalent would be a helicopter attack on a sleepy rural village by SWAT teams armed with automatic weapons– the local people would hardly know what hit them.

I have employed a certain amount of poetic license, but in writing this series of stories I have been determined to recreate the Viking era to the best of my ability – their homes, their clothing, what they ate, how they lived. I hope readers will be as entranced as I am by these creative and charismatic raiders, and perhaps forgive them their more outrageous little foibles.


After she is captured by Viking raiders, twenty-five-year-old Mairead is left with no choice but to depend on Gunnar Freysson, the battle-hardened leader of the Norsemen, to protect her and her young children. Though he makes it clear that she is his property to do with as he pleases, Gunnar shows remarkable concern for Mairead’s wellbeing, and when she risks her life in a dangerous attempt at escape he does not hesitate to strip her bare and spank her soundly.

The strict punishment leaves Mairead thoroughly ashamed yet helplessly aroused, and when Gunnar takes her in his arms and claims her properly she cannot deny her body’s response to his dominant lovemaking. As the days pass, Mairead realizes that Gunnar cares for her deeply, and despite her situation she finds herself falling in love with the stern, handsome warrior. But can she truly give her heart to the man who took her from her home?

Publisher’s Note: Her Dark Viking is a stand-alone sequel to Her Rogue Viking. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


A shrill scream halted his stride, followed by the rumble of derisive laughter. Gunnar cocked his head, and listened. The scuffles and grunts he could hear coming from behind the building closest to him betrayed the location of the sport. Doubtless some Celtic wench had been a little too slow to make her escape.

A pity, he supposed. Rape was commonplace among Viking raiders, but Gunnar entertained no personal fondness for it. There were plenty enough willing females back at home, but this act had nothing to do with lust or sexual desire. He had encountered many quite lovely women in his time. He appreciated their appeal and much enjoyed their company but had yet to experience even the slightest impulse to rape any of them. In his view, the raping of defenceless women was about power, conquest and violence. These villagers were already defeated, it was not necessary to further torment and abuse the weakest of them.

He rounded the building and his eyes narrowed at the sight before him. Three of his men held a Celtic female pinned to the ground. She was spread-eagled, her overtunic ripped and her skirt hiked up about her thighs. One Viking warrior secured her hands, another her feet. The third knelt between her splayed legs and was already unfastening his woollen breeches.

The man holding the woman’s feet laughed as the female struggled to free herself, her efforts futile in the face of superior numbers and strength. “Be quick, Sven. We’ll all be wanting a turn on her afore we go.”

“Aye,” agreed the man who pinned her arms. “An’ you can see how eager she is for some Viking cock inside her. Let’s not be disappointing the slut, eh?”

Another terrified scream pierced the air, though Gunnar doubted their victim understood the Nordic tongue. Still, the intent of the three who assaulted her was clear enough. He knew full well that his men expected him to leave them to their sport, let them enjoy a juicy piece of Celtic pussy to relieve the tension of battle. Many a Viking felt that was little enough to expect on a raid, but Gunnar disagreed. These men would have their share of the spoils, they would just have to settle for that.

“Let the wench be. Back to the longships. Now.”

“Eh?” The man who crouched between their victim’s thighs, his heavy cock now exposed and swaying before him, turned to scowl at his leader. “We’ll be no more than a minute, Jarl.”

“Now,” repeated Gunnar, stepping forward. “Or you can stay here to face the rest of her kin when they venture back. The boats leave the moment I return to the beach and any man not aboard will be swimming home.”

“But—” The man at her feet stood up, ready to argue the point.

“Am I not making myself clear, Olaf Ingrssen? Or do you fancy getting your feet wet, is that it?” Gunnar lifted his sword to rest it across his broad chest, the threat implied rather than explicit, but there nonetheless.

The three shuffled awkwardly, backing away, their grumpy muttering a signal of their discontent. Gunnar was unmoved. He was Jarl here, his word was law. He tossed his head in the direction of the beach. “Get on your way, I’ll be right behind you.”

He knew they didn’t believe him. They would fully expect him to take the trembling wench for himself. From the look of her as she cowered before him that was what she expected also. She spoke to him, brief, desperate words in her Gaelic tongue. He could not understand her, but knew she pleaded for her life if not her virtue. She would be permitted to keep both as far as he was concerned, though she was not to know that.

Gunnar extended his hand, offering to help her to her feet. She stared back at him, disbelief and confusion flitting across her delicate features. Now he came to look at her properly he would own this Celtic peasant was not so much pretty as stunning. Eyes of a vivid green gazed up at him. Her hair was a flaming shade of dark red, the locks tumbling from her hood which had become dislodged in the struggle. She shoved her rough wool skirt back down to cover her lower limbs but not before he could appreciate the sight of long, slender legs, creamy thighs and exquisitely sculpted ankles. Her tunic hung from her shoulders, exposing the upper curve of her breast. He was treated to the sight of more flesh, the rich hue of buttermilk, before she managed to right her clothing. Only then did she accept his outstretched hand and allow him to draw her to her feet.

The wench was tall, though he still towered a full head over her. And she was not as young as he at first assumed, perhaps twenty summers. She eyed him warily, clearly uncertain what he intended to do to her but fearing the worst still.

Using just a lifting of his eyebrows toward the trees behind her, Gunnar signalled to her to go, to make her escape while she still could. She took no further encouragement, just turned and ran. In moments, she had disappeared into the forest, just the swaying of a pine branch betraying the path she took.

Gunner sheathed his sword, slung his battle axe across his shoulders, and sauntered back to his dragon ship. The wealth of Lindisfarne Abbey awaited him.

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More about Ashe Barker

USA Today best-selling author Ashe Barker has been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. She still loves reading, the hotter the better. But now she has a good excuse for her guilty pleasure – research.

Ashe tends to draw on her own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to her plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.

Ashe lives in the North of England, on the edge of the Brontë moors and enjoys the occasional flirtation with pole dancing and drinking Earl Grey tea. When not writing – which is not very often these days – her time is divided between her role as taxi driver for her teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, tortoises.  And a very grumpy cockatiel.  

At the last count Ashe had over forty titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and several more in the pipeline. She writes M/f, M/M, and occasionally rings the changes with a little M/M/f. Ashe’s books invariably feature BDSM. She writes explicit stories, always hot, but offering far more than just sizzling sex. Ashe likes to read about complex characters, and to lose herself in compelling plots, so that’s what she writes too.

Ashe has a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keeps thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from her.

Ashe loves to hear from readers. Here are her social media links:

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Or you can email her direct on







Ms. Kelly Dawson, the damsel from down under, is joining me today with two daddies and a brand spanking new book,


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Jen McLeod’s life is falling apart. Having been caught selling marijuana as a last resort to pay for her brother’s expensive, highly specialized medical care, she faces the loss of her job and the potential for jail time. Penniless, desperate, and unsure what to do, she foolishly tries to steal a wallet from Luke Lewis, an old boyfriend, only to be chased down by his brother Cody.

Luke still has a place in his heart for Jen, and after the two brothers listen to her story they promise not to report her theft to the police if she will accept a punishment from them instead. Seeing no other choice, Jen agrees, and a few moments later she is sobbing and promising to be good as her bare bottom is soundly spanked.

The humiliating punishment leaves her with blushing cheeks and a burning backside, but afterwards Luke holds her in his arms and comforts her, and then the brothers make her an incredible offer. If she will be their little girl, obeying their rules and submitting to their discipline, they will bring her to live with them and provide for all of her needs.

Though she is shocked by their generosity and wonders if all of this might be too good to be true, the brothers quickly prove they are serious about taking care of Jen. She soon finds herself being bathed, cuddled, and spanked when she is naughty, and when the two brothers claim her beautiful body completely their firm, dominant lovemaking leaves her spent and satisfied. But can she learn to behave or will she spend most of her days with a bright red bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Daddies Take Control is a stand-alone sequel to Daddy Takes the Reins. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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“Cody’s going to put you across his knee and spank your bare bottom,” he informed her.

“And I’m going to watch.”

He heard her sharp intake of breath, saw the colour drain from her face. He watched her stiffen when Cody first took her hand but she visibly relaxed when he stroked her knuckles with his thumb. And she didn’t appear to struggle as Cody tugged her gently down across his lap. She didn’t move when Cody eased her pants down her thighs, sliding both her Jodhpur and knickers down to her knees, and then locked her legs in place beneath one of his. Cody rested his palm on her naked bottom, waiting.
The whole time, Jen stayed frozen, her eyes wide in shock, her hands trembling. Luke could see her biting her lower lip; any harder and she’d put her teeth through it.

“Give me your hands.” Reaching forward, Luke picked up her fingers, entwining them in his, holding them gently, feeling her trembling hands still as he held them. “Look at me,” he commanded softly.

She looked at him through her lashes, her eyes showing just the hint of fear. He felt the tiniest thrill of satisfaction at her panic. It was nothing less than she deserved – she’d stolen from him, after all.

“You are to hold my gaze while Cody turns your bottom red. I want you to look into my eyes while you are being punished and remember why you are here – that you attempted to steal from me.”

Her eyes dropped to the floor as her face turned beet red.

“Jen,” he prompted, injecting just enough sternness into his tone to be taken seriously.

Cody’s hand landed sharply on her bare bottom, the crack of flesh upon flesh echoing loudly around the small room. Jen jumped, her mouth falling open in shock.

“Look at me,” Luke commanded.

She did.

Cody’s flattened palm fell again and again, peppering her bottom with swats in a fast, regular rhythm. Jen flinched with every smack, but now that she held Luke’s gaze, it didn’t waver. Her eyes filled with tears as the spanking continued, but still she kept looking at him.



Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book – preferably one containing spanking!

A life-long closet-spanko, Kelly started writing spanking stories on every spare scrap of paper in the house as a child. So when she discovered the internet and spanking romance along with it, she was most excited. But it took her a good decade of devouring these stories before she got up the courage to submit her own. And now, here she is, 8 books later, with a plethora of ideas still to write!

She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her very own romance novel hero (who just happens to be her husband), and their four kids.

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~ THE VELVET CHAIR ~ Bookbub 99c Featured Deal C.P. Mandara






“Oh, darling. You’re going to be so easy to conquer.” His finger reached under my chin and pulled my face back to meet his. “I can’t wait to strip you out of that dress and watch you crawl around my home naked. I’m going to spank that delectable ass with every damn pervertible I can find. Hairbrushes, wooden spoons, spatulas, and I might even try a damn baking sheet. That ass of yours is always going to be prettily pink and perfectly swollen while you’re under my roof.”

My name is Mark Matthews. I own half of London, and the part I don’t own, I’m working on.

Life was all going swimmingly well until Michael Redcliff entered my life, demanding that I marry his daughter. Actually, swap demand for blackmail. He’s got goods on me that I want no one else to see, so for the time being I need to be his little lapdog.

I’ll marry his daughter. I’ll give him all the status, money and power he can handle… for as long as it takes me to get a divorce. You see, I can’t renege on our little arrangement – but she can. I give her a week. One week and she’ll be screaming the place down for her legal counsel.

I am never wrong.





The amazing author, April Vine, is joining me in celebrating our barbarians. Escape the mundane and lose yourself in Roark’s alien world, then turn back the clock to ancient times and surrender to Killian here on earth.

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April Vine




Having spent her life confined behind the walls of an opulent palace where she could be kept safe and pure, twenty-year-old Princess Saraska is innocent, naïve, and utterly unprepared for what is in store when she is taken captive by Roark, the barbarian ruler of the planet Sentara.

To her surprise, Saraska quickly discovers that while Roark will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her thoroughly any time he feels it necessary, the tall, handsome king is far from the ruthless savage she expected. His stern discipline and his bold, intimate exploration of her virgin body leave her quivering with need, and when at last he claims her completely his skilled, dominant lovemaking brings her pleasure more intense than she could have ever imagined.

Though Saraska grew up believing her people were peaceful, she soon begins to realize that she has been lied to her entire life. But when her own father conspires to turn her against Roark, will Saraska see through his schemes and trust in the man she has grown to love?

Publisher’s Note: Taken by the Barbarian includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


For utter proof he had taken King Stynard’s daughter, he had to send the king’s council what they called the princess’s purity marker.
Kilkians were by creation unapologetic about cross-breeding between species. Roark’s source had told him Kilkian females were born with a marker that matured and activated when they reached the child-bearing age of eighteen seasons. The ring-like marker not only ensured their good reproductive health, but would also reject any seed that wasn’t of the highest level of Kilkian gene from passing through, maintaining a pure breed of species.

The princess, by virtue of her status and carrier of a specific royal gene would be the recipient of a ring different to the others and highly distinguishable by color apparently. Unless her mate was of a carrier of a similar noble Kilkian gene, her purity marker would reject any other seed. Roark’s source had also informed him once the marker became activated, it could just as easily be removed. And with the princess already twenty seasons old, her marker had long since been activated already. Being in possession of her royal purity marker would be undoubtable proof for the councilors of Kilkian that Roark had taken their princess.

But she was an unfair enemy.

When her honey-saturated flesh danced with sweetness on his tongue, he immediately replaced her sweet taste with the bitter flavor of death. The demise of his subjects, slain by a treacherous Actual army under her father’s command, taking what didn’t belong to them.

When her scent, like sun-kissed roses, lingered on him, he remembered the utter defeat running through his veins as he sliced off heads of an army that seemed to multiply before his eyes.

He owed his citizenry solid retribution and he’d take it any way he could.

Sentara could take a decade to regrow, to strengthen. He now had to train the young into soldiers and that would see them as an easy victory for anyone wishing to take the famous Sentara land. The Kilkian king had placed Sentara at their weakest directly after the biggest battle of their lives with Toria and slain more than half of the Sentara council.
This was war.

A different kind of battle but war still the same. He reached for her bound wrists and untied her. Her hands immediately fell to his chest. His finger slid into her entrance and her breath fell staggeringly from her pretty lips. He ground his jaw, vowing not to be affected by her delicate petal-soft flesh. She was as smooth and silky soft there as the rest of her skin.

Her gaze held his, sparkling with confusion. As he deepened his touch just a little more, making contact with her ring that laid shallowly inside her, her eyes glazed over and her back arched.


He lowered his head and glanced at her hardening nipples. Her sweet wetness now coated the tip of his finger. Her fist opened and her palm lay over his heartbeat as she clung to him. Her touch enflamed his blood causing him to clench his mind against her sudden power over him. Still he wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand so big it spanned over onto her ass where he knew she’d be glossily streaked red by his hand. He pulled her closer as the tip of his finger traced her ring. He shouldn’t have. The scent of her seemed to weaken him completely like he had never been weakened before.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



Barbarian Master Final



Serenity doesn’t care much for rules. The free-spirited, flaxen-haired young woman lives in a small village under the authority of barbarians who inhabit a castle above the tiny town. When her best friend is caught in the clan’s forbidden garden, Serenity rushes to her rescue and challenges the clan’s no-nonsense leader.The leader’s son, Killian, is shocked by her brazenness. Deciding to remedy her impudent mouth with a hot spanking, he throws her over his shoulder and carries her away to be punished, but when the discipline is over, unrepentant she rails at him, then storms away.

A rival clan springs a surprise attack. They are thrown together. A smoldering chemistry suddenly flames to life, but as their blazing passion takes hold they unearth a diabolical plot, one that threatens not just their lives, but their future, and the future of the entire clan.

If you like brawny take-charge men and feisty females, you’ll love this one! Click the link and get lost in an ancient time when men were men, and women adored them for it.




She was crying out her joy, and though he had not given the water behind his eyes the freedom to cascade down his cheeks since he was a child, they had their own will and he was powerless to stop them. His groans were loud, and as the powerful orgasm shuddered its last spasm, he felt his heart shatter.With a stifled sob he slipped flaccid from her depths, and as he collapsed next to her and felt her nestle into him, he knew their contentment was fleeting. The Alamans would be now entering the fortress. They had to dress, and he had to walk her out to the gate.

“I know you have to be with your father,” she whispered, “and I know I have go home, but please don’t make me wait too long before you send for me.”

“It will be a lifetime,” he muttered, “but I will think of you every moment.”

“I’ll be thinking about you too, and you’re right, it will feel like a lifetime until we’re together again, even if it’s only a day.”


Reluctantly rising from the bed, they pulled on their clothes and headed from the room. Killian’s broken heart was aching in his chest, his stomach was churning, and as they moved down the stairs he spotted Soraya walking towards the dining hall. He felt strange, as if he was in a trance, the feeling staying with him as they passed through the great hall and out into the grounds. When they reached the gate a sick feeling began rolling through his entire body, and unable to look at her, he stared down the lane towards the village.

“Killian, something else is wrong, I know there is. You must tell me. I cannot leave until I know. I’ll be panicked with worry.”


He wanted to say more, but his voice refused to work, and a searing heat had returned to his throat.

“Killian, whatever is the matter?”

She watched his chest rise with a heavy breath, then he slowly turned his gaze back to her, and as she stared up at her powerful barbarian Master, she was shocked to see his eyes brimming with tears.

“You’re right,” he stammered, “I must tell you. I am to marry Soraya. She is here for that express purpose.”

Had Killian just told her he was going to spend his life with Soraya? That was impossible. He loved her, she loved him, they were meant to be together.

“Marry her?” she muttered, dropping her gaze to the ground as she tried to make sense of it.

A heavy silence filled the small space between them, then Killian realized he couldn’t leave her. No matter what it took, they would be together.

“Nooo,” he murmured, shaking his head as the revelation took hold. “No, I cannot say goodbye to you. I cannot and I will not.”

“I don’t understand,” she bleated, stifling a sob, too lost in her grief to hear him. “How could you be with me the way you were if…?”

“I just learned of this,” he said, gripping her upper arms in an effort to make her listen. “Father and Dolan arranged it to unite our tribes, but I will find a way out, I will, I promise you.”

She didn’t respond, but remained still and silent, her eyes locked on the dirt under her feet.

“Serenity! Did you hear me? I’m going to find a way out of this. I want to be with you. Only you.”

His suddenly stern tone snapped her out of her odd state, and she raised her eyes to gaze up at him. His brow was furrowed, his eyes were bloodshot, but she could see his resolve.

“You do?”

“Of course. I love you.”


“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “when you said you had to be with Soraya it made me go all funny, like I couldn’t breathe, or think, or—”

“I don’t know how I can change things,” he said interrupting her, “but I will find a way. You must stay strong, you must believe in me, believe in us. Will you do that?”

“I will do anything for you, Killian.”

“No matter what you hear, do not doubt me, do you promise?”

“I promise.”

“Go home, be with your family, and trust we will soon be together.”


“Go. You’ll hear from me soon, I swear it.”

Without caring who might see, she threw her arms around him, smelled in his woodsy, barbarian scent, then stepped back, took a deep breath, and locked his gaze.

“It will work out,” she declared, fighting back her anxious tears.

“The angels would not have brought us together if we weren’t meant to be.”

“You’re right, and your faith will help me find our path forward.”

“Soon…” she mumbled, then walking backwards to keep him in view, she added, “you go in, then I’ll turn and run home.”

He wanted to grab her and lead her back into the compound and confront his father, but he knew that would only turn into a hellish scene and would achieve nothing, so he summoned his courage, turned around, and walked back through the gate and into the castle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

PRINCESS AND I: A Very Personal Diary: Franco Bolli and Princess

Franco Bolli is a Dominant, and a Facebook friend.

This an account of his story with his submissive, Princess.

It is free, and available only through Smashwords.



April 2017.

I am proud to present the first volume of our story titled Princess and I, the early years.
You can download it for free on Smashwords. It is based on my blog. It is a very intimate and personal diary. 

September 6, 2011.

I’m 52 years old. Father of 2 daughters. 
Alone for too long.
I’m open for love, a special kind of love. Not searching actively though.

I have to attend a parent’s meeting at school. Every year we get the same explanation all over again.
I don’t feel like it and I don’t have to go.
It beats sitting at home alone though.
I’m early and head to the big hall where they serve drinks and grab a glass of cava.
Turning around I see this beautiful blonde woman. She looks gorgeous. 
The surroundings fade to black until, in my mind’s eye, she is the center of my universe. Until there is only her. She is standing in a golden spotlight.
She does not notice me.

I’m breathless, engulfed with emotions. Overwhelmed, paralyzed and speechless by the experience. My world flips over and then over again. Intuitively I know she is the one I have been searching for my whole life.

I walk up to her. It is something I have never dared to do before. 
I say hi and we chitchat. Her daughter is a classmate of my youngest one. 
Ten minutes later walk to the same class and I make sure I’m inside before she does. I sit down at a desk, she sits down next to me. 
Wow. Lucky me. 
I’m nervous and start fumbling in the desk before me. I pull out an agenda. To my big surprise I’m sitting at my daughter’s desk. With a smile I put a little note in it. Somehow the evening becomes even more magic.

Later that evening I gather all my courage and ask for her number. 
Another first one.
My throat is dry and my heart bounces like mad.
She smiles and writes her number down on a small piece of paper. 
Oh boy.

September 20, 2011.

We date for the first time and we enjoy a wonderful evening. 
She tells me about her situation, just to make sure I know what I’m signing up for. She has 5 kids. Her ex-husband committed suicide 7 months ago. Her eldest daughter suffers from a mental illness. 
The other kids all suffer from stress and other issues. The kids found their father shortly after his desperate act. 

The first months are difficult. She is not sure about what is happening. She does not feel ready to give herself. She breaks up with me a few times but every time I win her back. I fight for her because deep down I am convinced this is the best thing that ever happened. For her. For me. 
Somehow we make it.
She becomes my Princess and soon I feel and read her submissiveness.
Could it be true?
Have I found my Grail?
That very and unique Special One?

Gradually I make our lovemaking somewhat rougher. Her reactions are more than positive. She adores the hair pulling, the pinching and the occasional slap on her luscious behind.

August 15, 2012.

The town we visit is illuminated with a zillion tea lights. In a church we are awed by a huge chandelier with several dozen of burning candles.
This is the perfect moment to tell her what I have wanted to say for quite some weeks.
For a second I hesitate as I am not sure how she will react.
She beats me to it.
Princess grabs my hand, finds my eyes.
“How I would love to lay under that chandelier. Naked, tied and blindfolded. Not knowing when the next drop of hot wax will fall,” she whispers. 

Now I know, now I am sure. 
My heart explodes with happiness and sheer joy.
While our relation deepens we gradually grown into BDSM. 
My Princess turns out to be a perfect match. She loves what I love. We taste and enjoy the many flavors BDSM has to offer.
Her children oppose to our relationship. It is not personal. They just want to keep the family together.
Their disapproval makes our bond even stronger.

In November I start a blog, Princess and I. It is a very intimate diary mostly about our evolution as a couple in the world of BDSM. When relevant I write about other stuff too.

The blog ->
The book ->



Is your pulse racing? Are you fanning your face? That must mean you’re about read the  third book in this incredible Sci Fi Series.

His Rebellious Mate
Primarian Mates, Book 3




Staunchly loyal Eryn Lockwood heads up security on the USIF Odyssey, an all-female research ship charged with finding a new world to call home. Her team is guarding a group of scientists exploring an uninhabited planet when they are set upon by a band of powerful alien warriors. Entranced by Eryn’s long auburn hair, fair skin, and green eyes, the fiercest of the attackers gives chase, and claims her for his own. As his would-be mate, his old-fashioned ways infuriate her, especially when he takes her over his knee for some firm-handed discipline.

Though a fiery passion ignites between them, Eryn remains steadfast in her need to escape. To fulfill her mission and save her people, she commits an unpardonable act, something she’ll never forget…and he can never forgive. Returning to Earth, she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life, but thoughts of her gorgeous, golden-eyed alien consume her.

Master Warrior Ramikin, the biggest, baddest, and most skilled fighter on Primaria, has never been bested—until now! And by the beautiful Earth woman destined to be his! Furious, he lets her go, resolved to eradicate her from his thoughts. But Eryn’s face haunts his dreams, and he lives every day yearning for what can never be.

An alliance between their worlds thrusts them back together, but not everyone is in favor of mingling their two species. When anti-integration zealots assault Eryn, it is Ram who races to save her, but he is seconds too late.  With her life hanging by a thread, the deep, mate-bond between them becomes clear. Is there hope for the independent, rebellious soldier and the proud warrior she betrayed? Will they be able to put aside the past and come together to fight those who would tear them apart? And, as they accept their fate, can Eryn and Ram recapture the passion they once shared?

Publisher’s Note: His Rebellious Mate is an erotic romance in the Primarian Mates series. While it stands alone, it includes characters and underlying themes from The Barbarian’s Captive and His By Command. It contains sexual scenes, spanking, and mild BDSM themes. If this subject matter offends you, please don’t buy the book.



The first searing swat startled the breath out of her. Another followed in the exact same spot, and another. After five blistering smacks on her right cheek, he shifted to the left and repeated the process. It wasn’t until ten had been delivered and he began laying down a swath of fire from the upper crests of her bottom to the tops of her thighs that she found her voice.

“Stop it, you bastard.”

“Name calling is not allowed. Do so again and I’ll add ten to what you already have coming.”

“Who do you think you are, you big alien jerk?” She twisted on his lap, kicking to get free, but with his non-spanking arm clamped tight around her waist, she went nowhere.

“Jerk is derogatory and has earned you ten more. Keep going and it will be twenty.”

He didn’t let up, smacking alternate cheeks one after the other. It stung, a lot, but she didn’t back down, cursing a blue streak, calling him every foul word she’d picked up while living on the streets as a girl.

Pausing, he drawled matter-of-factly, “Surely the count is one thousand by now. Shall I get a gag before you can’t sit for a week?”

The notion sobered Eryn. To be punished like a naughty child was bad enough, to lose her ability to speak by being muzzled, beyond humiliating.

“I’ll take your silence as a negative response and when we continue, it will be without the swearing. Underestimate me at your peril, little mate.”

He resumed with the same stinging force, landing crack after sizzling crack on her vulnerable backside, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. She felt unnerved, vulnerable, and distinctly feminine.

ram and eryn4.jpg

She blinked. Where had that last thought come from? And why did being held naked against his fully clothed body make a wicked tingle of awareness shoot through her center, notwithstanding the tanning he was delivering to her behind.When her eyes were misty with tears, he stopped. Next, he surprised her by rubbing the hot flesh he’d made ache. His gentle touch such an about-face to the swats of seconds ago, Eryn didn’t know how to react. First to be scolded, made to strip bare, and required to get into position herself for a spanking so sound she expected her burning ass would be fiery red like hot coals. And now, in a complete one-eighty, to be comforted, easing the sting he had intentionally inflicted; the whole episode left her confused.

It became more confounding when he parted her thighs and slipped his hand between them. She squirmed, knowing he’d find the glistening proof of her arousal on her thighs.

“You are wet, little one. Did the spanking arouse you? Or is it my nearness, my dominance, my show of ownership and possession of you?”

Struggling in earnest, with the iron band wrapped around her waist, she accomplished nothing against his superior strength except to give him an eyeful of her most private parts. In fact, he began exploring with his fingers, dipping inside and testing the moisture pooling there.

“Or, perhaps it’s our mate bond at work.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Book One

She’s the girl next door he’s always protected.

He’s the man she’s always wanted.

Will the threat of a killer finally get them on the same page?




Logan Lemaster drew Melanie Barnes under his protective wing the moment he rescued her from a fall off her bike. She had been six and he thirteen and his over protectiveness didn’t abate over the next twenty years. When a good friend ends up murdered on the family’s private island following one of his and his cousins BDSM weekend parties, Melanie insists on being there to comfort Logan. Only, he hadn’t counted on the grown woman’s tenacious determination to worm her way past his defenses and into his bed.

Having spent the past eight years, since Melanie reached adulthood and made her interest in expanding on their friendship known, he’d refused to jeopardize their special bond by introducing her to his kinky preferences. But he was only human, and when her grief over an assault on a co-worker sends him to comfort her, his good intentions fall to the wayside under her responsive body.

As he and his cousins plan to hold another BDSM party to feel out their friends for hints about which one had betrayed them in the worst way, he tutors Melanie in his sexual preferences so she can join him. But as they grow closer, so does the killer, and when her life is threatened, Logan knew he would stop at nothing to protect her and make her his in every way.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Logan_promo 5



“Logan.” His name broke from Melanie’s mouth when Logan released her to nip his way down her neck to her breasts. Warm lips suckled a nipple, soothing, arousing pulls before sharp teeth tugged with a biting pull that wrought a strangled cry from her throat. Pleasure zinged straight down to her sheath, curling her toes as she brought her feet up and worked his loosened jeans down with them.

His low chuckle drew goosebumps. “Creative and resourceful. I like that. But this isn’t going to go any further if you don’t tell me you’re on some form of birth control, Mel. I didn’t come in here prepared to jump you, only to comfort you.”

That growly voice made her smile. Melanie didn’t need to see his face to know he frowned down at her. “I’ve been on the pill for a few weeks now. We’re good.”

“Thank God because I lied, I really don’t think I could stop now.”

“Don’t stop. I need you.” Her whispered confession accompanied her firm grip of his buttocks as she urged him between her spread legs.

Logan snatched her left hand off his ass and bit her knuckles before placing her hand on his shoulder. “Move your other one before I take a bigger bite out of it, place it on my other shoulder and don’t move them.”

Torn between wanting to touch him and needing to see where he would touch her, Melanie did as he instructed, then rent the air with a sharp cry when he slipped his hand between their bodies and delved between her legs with two fingers. “Oh!” She thrust against those invading fingers, whimpered from the heated build-up of pleasure from each nerve stimulating stroke then moaned in frustration when he withdrew just as the small tremors heralding the big bang had begun.

“What? Why’d you stop?”

“Because you’re nice and wet and swollen now, perfect for taking my cock.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





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novels. poetry. screenplays. filmmaking. endless musings...

Clyde Mach

Book Reviewer

GeminiOT and Health

This site is the cat’s pajamas


~Weaving Words in her Web~

Penelope Jones

Little bit of Nice and a Whole lot of Naughty!


A journey into finding me

Men Are From Mars

The Male Point of View...

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

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