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March 2017

SATURDAY SPANKS – Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what cha gonna do?

Hello naughty boys and girls. It’s that time again!

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Tall, powerful, brooding, and intimidating, Marco D’Angelo, the muscle for a nefarious motorcycle gang, is working undercover for the D.E.A. When a rebellious raven-haired, green-eyed vixen, wearing leathers that hug her voluptuous curves, wanders in and wants to join the club, his keen instinct tells him she’s trouble with a capital T.

Faster than his bike can race, Marco is under orders to punish her, but when the discipline is over she shocks him. Chastised women drop their gaze, but not the emerald-eyed siren. She stares up at him with challenge in her unwavering gaze. 

He can’t ignore the intense chemistry blazing between them.

He aches to fist her hair and crush her lips.
To consume her
To make her his.


Can he resist…?

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“There really is a very naughty girl living inside you,” he chuckled as he began caressing her backside, “and it’s definitely time to lay down some ground rules.”

“But in the field I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s probably true, but that first night at the tavern you came on way too strong,” he said sternly, continuing to land his hot slaps, “you do know that.”

“OW.  OW. I guess, but we had chemistry from the—”

“This is really simple, me Dom, you sub.  Now who’s in charge?” he demanded, rapidly moving his palm from one cheek to the other.

“OH, OUCH, you, Sir.”

“Amazing what a red backside can achieve,” he declared, slipping his fingers into her sex, “cooperation and a wet pussy.”



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Leigh Smith


Thianna Durston – Wylde KingDom


PK Corey


Maggie Carpenter – Elegant Erotica/Spanking/BDSM


Head of Household – LILY HARLEM


Amelia Smarts


Libby Campbell


Christina Mandara


Jaye Peaches


Ashe Barker


Motorcyle Master Soundtrack

He’s hot, he’s dominant, he’s,










Placing his helmet on the coffee table he turned to make a comment, but the flimsy knot she’d tied had fallen open, and the robe fell apart revealing a wide strip of her naked body. Wordlessly he ambled back to her, slipped an arm around her waist, and holding her tightly, he gazed into her soft green eyes.
“Do you always answer your door half-naked?”
“No, I’m usually completely naked except for black stilettos.”
Though she was staring back at him with challenge in her eyes, his firm grip around her waist, and the smoldering hunger emanating from his gaze, was melting her.
“What am I going to do with you?” he murmured, his lips curling in a wry grin.
“You have to ask?”

Bad Boy Angel


MOTORCYCLE MASTER !! Bad Boy Angel – PRE-ORDER 3/17-3/21 ~ $1.99

The gorgeous athlete and model,

Angel DeMacho, is


Marco D’Angelo is living a lie.

Tall, powerful, brooding, and intimidating, he’s the muscle for a nefarious motorcycle gang, but he has been working undercover for the D.E.A., chasing a shadowy drug lord.

For two long years Marco has been forced to remain a loner, his life in constant danger, but when Kat Baldwin joins the club, he suddenly finds himself in a quandary.

Rebellious, raven-haired and green-eyed, wearing leathers that cling to her voluptuous curves, she takes his breath away. Though his keen instinct tells him there’s more to Kat than meets the eye, and she’s trouble with a capital T, he can’t ignore the intense chemistry blazing between them.

Faster than his bike can race, Marco is under orders to spank her, but when the punishment is over, she shocks him. Chastised women drop their gaze, but not the emerald-eyed vixen. She stares up at him with unwavering scrutiny, and just minutes later she dares to challenge him.

He aches to fist her hair and crush her lips.
To consume her
To make her his.

Can he resist the ferocious desire?

He must…


An unexpected shiver rippled through her body. Had their roll in the sheets been a mistake? He had taken her breath away…literally…and she could feel herself wanting more. She wanted to crawl against him, soak in his scent, be engulfed in his powerful arms, and melt blissfully into a serene, safe, protected sleep.

“I can feel you staring at me?” he softly muttered. “What’s on your mind?”

She mentally shook herself. She couldn’t afford to daydream. Daydreaming could be dangerous.

“Let’s see,” she began, gathering her wits, “I met this guy, he spanked my ass for no good reason, then he was unbelievably rude to me, told me he wanted nothing to do with me, then out of nowhere he totally seduced me and I just had incredible sex with him. I’m not sure what to make of any of that, or him or me at the moment. Does that answer your question?”

He didn’t respond, but she could see the beginnings of a frown. She was tempted to add a sarcastic quip about him being a non-stop talker and not being able to get a word in edgewise, but thought better of it. After what felt like the longest pause in human history he finally spoke.

“Sounds to me like you’ve met your match.”

“Seriously? That’s the best you can do? That is such a cliché.”

“Hey, if the smart mouth fits,” he retorted, his chocolate eyes abruptly opening and blazing up at her.

“Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s you who’s met his match.”

For the first time since she’d met him, the edges of his lips curled into the suggestion of a grin.

“Kat, you don’t really believe that, do you?”

“Hell, yeah.”

With unexpected speed he sat up, grabbed her wrists, and leaning over her, he pinned them above her head just as he’d done when he’d taken her, astonishingly, ardently amazingly taken her. Swallowing hard, trying to keep her composure and pretend her toes weren’t curling and her stomach wasn’t tumbling, she locked his eyes.

“Is that suppoed to prove something? Obviously you’re physically stronger than me, that’s a given. That doesn’t mean…”

“Go on.”

“Think about it. You totally rejected me, and yet, drum roll please, here you are, in my place and in my bed!”

Her deep green eyes were twinkling up at him, and for a moment he felt uneasy. She did have a point, but it had been his decision to change the dynamic…hadn’t it? Yes, of course it had, so why was she was looking like the cat who’d eaten the proverbial canary.

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Viktor took her to a dark and frightening place. It was the love of James that saved her.

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Natasha, a Russian-born woman living in London, catches the eye of Viktor, a middle-aged Russian gangster. He wants her as his wife, the mother of his son, and his submissive partner in the kinky sex he enjoys at his isolated home near Saint Petersburg. But he doesn’t ask her to accompany him – he just takes what he wants.

Surprisingly, Natasha begins to accept her new life. Is she really a natural submissive, or has Viktor brainwashed her? Viktor is adamant that he will not have sex with her until they are married, but he shows her just how kinky he likes it by taking her to orgies held by his friend, and tells her that this is the type of life she can expect as his wife.

Everything turns sour, however, and on a visit to London, Natasha has to flee for her life – where businessman, James Miller, comes to her aid. Over the course of the next few days, Natasha tells James her story, and as horrified as he is, he cannot deny his attraction to the beautiful young woman. He vows to help her.

Neither of them realize quite how much danger they will be in for defying Viktor, but James is willing to risk everything to rescue her from this man. Can he do it? And does Natasha return his feelings?

Publisher’s Note: This fast-paced tale contains explicit themes including power exchange, capture, multiple sexual partners and discipline. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

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Viktor’s fingers dug into the side of her hips as he held her tight, each time he plunged into her. He began to growl words at her.
“So, my little slut wife, how do you like your Master’s cock in your tight little cunt? And what a sweet little cunt it is, my love. I’m going to be spending many happy hours fucking you.” He sounded a little drunk, but the vodka had certainly not affected his performance. Again and again his cock slammed into her.
“Come, my little beauty, come for your husband.”
Natasha felt her climax gathering speed. It was coming from deep in her core and exploded into such a sensation of pleasure that she was afraid she may black out. Her whole body tingled, as though an electrical storm had run through her. Feeling her release, Viktor could delay his pleasure no longer, and he called out a Russian expletive as he exploded inside her.
He took a few seconds to recover somewhat, before pulling out of her and slapping her left buttock with his hand.

“So, my pretty new wife, was it worth waiting for?” Fortunately the question was a rhetorical one, for Natasha was in no shape to speak. Her mind was still reliving the emotions of the last few minutes, and was floating on its own private cloud. But Viktor’s next words brought her sharply back to the here and now.

“Igor, come and fuck your new sister-in-law, and welcome her to the family. But be sure to wear a condom. I’m not going to bring up your little bastard. My seed is the only one that will reach her womb.” Natasha lifted her head up sharply, and would have raised her body if Viktor had not been pressing down hard on her back, to prevent her from moving. “Now, my pretty wife, behave yourself. Igor is now your family, and I like to be generous with my family, and share my goods with them. You are mine now, to do with as I wish. You will need to get used to that, my little Natasha. But don’t worry, Igor’s cock is not quite as big as mine.” Both he and Igor burst out laughing. “Boasting again, brother?” said Igor.

The two men swapped places, and Igor wasted no time on foreplay, but plunged his cock straight into her. He was already very stimulated by watching his brother’s performance, and it didn’t take long before he too climaxed with a groan.
From the noises around her, Natasha knew that the other two women were ‘entertaining’ some of the other men present too. Clearly her performance had stimulated more than just Viktor and Igor. She was taking part in her first Russian orgy, and it seemed that this was what being married to Viktor entailed. A quiet honeymoon for two was clearly not in his plans.



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This is the third book published by Juliette Banks, but she has also published eight others as Rachel de Vine. Her books, in both names, are all erotic romances, and range from mildly erotic, spanking stories to more explicit, BDSM relationships. In all her stories, however, she likes to include some adventure, and puts her characters through some trying times and problems to overcome before they can expect any chance of a happy conclusion.

When she isn’t writing, Juliette likes to travel to exotic places all over the world, and has been doing this since her twenties. But she also loves the beautiful British landscape, and lives in a lovely part of central England. She adores reading, listening to music, and being with her wonderful extended family.

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Twenty-five-year-old Alex Makowski wants nothing more than to live up to her father’s legacy on the police force, but when she bungles a major drug bust she ends up placed on administrative leave. Her chance to redeem herself comes in the form of an assignment working alongside Sergeant Connor Doyle, her father’s former partner and protégé.

Some of the contestants in a kink-themed charity pageant have been receiving ominous messages, and Connor and Alex have been tasked with going undercover at the event. He will be her daddy dom, and they will need to do whatever is necessary to play the part convincingly.

Connor jumps at the opportunity to take Alex in hand, and soon enough she is blushing crimson as her bare bottom is soundly spanked. But when the punishment is over she is left aching for his touch, and before she knows it she is writhing in ecstasy as her stern, sexy daddy brings her to a shattering climax over his knee.

Alex and Connor find themselves slipping naturally into their roles as their investigation gets underway, and when he takes her in his arms and shows her how a dominant man makes love to a woman, their passion is more intense than she ever thought possible. But when the mission puts both of their lives at risk, will their newfound romance survive?

Publisher’s Note: Undercover Daddy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.




“We don’t have time to think.” She raised her voice and her eyes flashed with anger. “Just give me a few minutes. I’m going to go in the bathroom for a few minutes. Go down without me, and start doing your damn job. I’ll be right behind you, five minutes tops.” She rubbed her legs together and wetness dribbled down as she furrowed her brow and moaned. “Make that two. No. Ninety seconds.”

“Are you going to do what I think you are?” He didn’t know whether he was more offended by the thought or turned on.

“If you mean, am I going to go grab my bullet vibe, play with my clit for up to a minute and a half and see how quickly I can orgasm, then yes. It’s in my bag in the bathroom.”
“Like hell you are, little girl. I not only find that extremely offensive, but I also find it really, really offensive. I’m right here.”

“Beat two minutes, and I’ll give you twenty bucks.”

“Ninety seconds and you’ll owe me a favor later,” he growled.

She looked at her watch. “Your time starts in three, two, oof!”

He threw her down on the bed and wasted no time pulling her skirt up. Having no panties on saved a few seconds. He brought his hand crashing down, hard onto the center of her pale cheeks, setting a punishing pace. “I can’t believe you were going to masturbate when I’m right here.” He spanked her hard and steady and she moaned as she ground her pelvis into the bed. “Oh no, little brat. You don’t get to stroke yourself. That’s my job.”

He flipped her over onto her back, pulled her legs up in the air, and smacked the entire section of her ass down to her thighs, even making contact with her engorged pussy a few times. “You want to top from the bottom, baby. Daddy’s going to make you scream.”




USA Today bestselling author Katherine Deane is a multi-published, top 100 romantic and BDSM author and romantic at heart.

She loves cheese, red wine, chocolate, and snuggling up with her daughters’ kittens while reading a good book.
When not reading, or writing, you can find her knitting, sewing, crafting, or doing pretty much anything to keep her hands busy. She has taken over the dining room AKA craft room, much to her husband’s dismay. In one of her books, an energetic “craftaholic” would find herself over her husband’s knee for losing an important document in a pile of bi-cone crystals and mod podge. Her real life, and the people in them, give her plenty of ideas to work with.

Katherine has dubbed herself the queen of cheese. Not only is she a former Midwestern Cheese Head; she also loves to incorporate it into her books.
In her opinion, all romance deserves at least one cheesy scene that makes you cry.


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A journey into finding me

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook

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